Peta's Discworld MUD Maps!


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This site is by no means meant to rival or replace some of the fabulous sites out there. Where possible, I have linked to these places as there is no point repeating work thatís already been done. The maps that are on this site were ďbornĒ out of my need to map new places that I hadnít been to and couldnít find maps of! I have tried to keep to standard colours where possible. If you notice mistakes please let me know!

I am also happy to host (and credit!) other peopleís maps or information if thatís of use as I have plenty of space! Give me a tell or mudmail me.

4/1/05 - I decided that the scale of my maps was too far off for me to bear! Iíve taken cre-maps of the two terrain areas and married them up. With his and the results of my own explorations I hope to have a user friendly touring map ready in the near future. Please feel free to make comments!

As Peta joined the Klatch domain, I'm no longer going to be updating these maps in any significant way - although new obvious towns might go from orange to red...  Hopefully you'll find them of use anyway.  Sorry!  xx


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